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Luisa Vicky Garcia

Superstar Consultant

(210) 415-7809

My Story

I was a loyal Scentsy customer, and my consultant was always winning free trips. I told my husband we can do this and hopefully get to travel as well. So I joined 3 yrs ago, We have not traveled yet, but I have enjoyed the challenge. I have come very close to winning a trip, maybe next time. I am loving every minute of being a consultant. What is most rewarding is I introduce safety to your home by bringing you a flame free, wickless way to burn a variety of fragrance, and we all know that all Scentsy wax bars are the best!!! I am one of my best customer, and my home always smells good. Just as rewarding are the customers I have met, I can not walk away without letting you know my new Scentsy sisters and brothers are the best people ever. Thanks in advance for shopping on my website. Come join my team and we can win these trips together!!!!!!

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